Mysore, Round 2

July 26, 2016 § 4 Comments

I got the email a few weeks ago informing me of my spot at KPJAYI this October and, for me, it is bittersweet. The prospect of this trip is occupying my heart and headspace in a different, deeper way, coming as it does at a point in time when my ruminations have more of a soul-searching/meaning-making flavor about them.

Following my first trip in 2012, I returned with a strong sense of purpose about building my life here. The trip extinguished a chronic discontent with “my present life”, wherever I found myself, that plagued most of my adult life until that point.

What was less clear to me was the prospect of returning to the Shala. I knew that I wasn’t going to be on the annual pilgrimage circuit, and I did not appreciate the palpable atmosphere of Sharath-worship while I was there. I respected (and still respect) the institution, the lineage and what he and his mother are doing as asana teachers, but I wasn’t sure about calling him my ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ as so many people seem to do once they get to Mysore. Not enough time had passed for me to make a claim like that, which I don’t do lightly. Maybe I’m taking things too seriously. In any case, I wasn’t “feelin’ it” and I certainly wasn’t going to let the groundswell of adulation sweep me up without my consent. This ambiguity towards Sharath continued for a while as I continued to practice back home. Beyond being the head of a lineage, I didn’t know where to put him on my spectrum of ‘teachers’ as it applied to my practice.

After a few years, I went on the Yatra last fall that included a week in Uttarkashi. It was my way of dipping my toes back in to the Mysore vibe, to the Sharath-as-teacher proposition while also spending some time exploring the northern cities of India. It was a clarifying experience on many levels. That week in Uttarkashi cleared up any ambiguity I had about his place in my now-smaller-and-precious list of teachers. Thanks to a conversation I had with a non-Ashtangi but very devout Ramana Maharishi follower on the trip, I realized that Sharath and his mother (and like his grandfather) are, simply yoga asana teachers. They are not enlightened beings. They are human, fulfilling their dharma. Everything else is a product of student projections, which are illusory. I came to terms with navigating the projections that sometimes reeked of kool-aid and found some clarity around what Sharath and Saraswati mean to me, in my asana practice. They may not see me everyday, but they are yoga asana teachers at the top of their game and that is enough for me to want to make the trip to study with them. At the end of the week Sharath caught me by surprise by asking when I was coming back to Mysore. I replied, “Maybe next year”. And so it is.

I’m really looking forward to practicing in that room again. I am not interested in: getting poses, becoming BFFs with yoga-lebrities, perfecting asanas, shopping, accumulating FB friends, sightseeing, doing photoshoots, dissecting Sharath’s every word, hustling to get into led classes, coconut stand gossip, filling up my days with classes, tours, chai chit-chat…

All I want to do is to practice in that room. To tap into that energetic stream and let it course through my nervous system, healing, cleansing, shaping, changing me as it goes. Removing what does not serve and creating spaciousness for what needs to take root and grow.

I want to dissolve into the singular vibration of that room’s chants. To disappear into the sea of breaths and learn how to ride my own.

In 2012 I went for 6 weeks. Now I’m going for 8. It won’t be easy.

The countdown begins.

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§ 4 Responses to Mysore, Round 2

  • globie says:

    Hi D, second trip was different for me, I’d done the sightseeing and general running around 3 years earlier, thinking I may not ever get the chance again once I re entered the real world. 2nd trip I made a conscious decision that my energy was for my practice, I would rest in the day and live more quietly.

    I loved practising with Saraswathi, the process felt easier and more relaxed, no pushing at the gate, it felt less competitive, nobody trying to catch an eye in the quest for more poses, attention or authorisation.

    Enjoy it, drink it in, but do have a chai or 2 for me.

    • D says:

      Making the same intention around energy expenditure/conservation for trip #2! I have heard comments that the atmosphere with Sharath is less competitive than before, because of the requirement to study with an authorized teacher, but there’s only one way to find out if it that’s true.

      Definitely will toast a chai to you and your good health!

  • fatninnie says:

    This was great to read as I’m planning my first Mysore trip right now 🙂

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