Sthira Sukham

January 21, 2015 § 5 Comments

Last November I had an idea to create a different kind of yoga portrait. One that really focused on the form of different asanas instead of the individual. The opposite of the yoga selfie, or of any sort of instructional application really. I could see the images in my mind before we created them, and already knew who I wanted as my models to do which poses. The clarity of the vision was compelling, and although this would be the biggest photography project I had ever undertaken, I knew I had to do it. Fortunately everything fell into place pretty quickly. I had an overwhelming response to the call for models, we set up shop in the studio on a Saturday afternoon and my teacher was on-hand for asana guidance and assistance.

Yoga_SW Yoga_TvS Yoga_AP2 Yoga_DH

When it came time for me to articulate the statement for this project, shadows were the first thing that came to mind. Specifically, our own shadows and embracing them. That’s one of the secrets to unlocking the power of this practice in my opinion. If you really want this practice to change – transform – you and your life, it begins with looking at your shadows, accepting them and releasing them. Little did I know that just over a month after wrapping up this shoot I would have the opportunity to experience this in a very direct way, marking a new phase in my practice. I suppose that is what a Second Series practice does to you, but that is a story for another day. For now: photos. Enjoy.

Yoga_AP Yoga_PA Yoga_CG Yoga_AN


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§ 5 Responses to Sthira Sukham

  • nicole says:

    Reblogged this on agrippina maior photography and commented:
    Fantastic project!

  • These are absolutely stunning, and such a beautiful concept. Embracing our shadows, bringing them to the light, the antithesis to the yoga selfie. May I ask how you chose the specific asanas in question? What is aesthetic, for a variety of shapes, or something else?
    Thank you for carrying out your vision!

    • D says:

      I chose the poses based on how well they’d photograph in silhouette, so backbends would offer more interesting shapes than forward folds for example. I was also conscious of who I could tap on to execute different poses based on where they are in their practice and in that sense, I was fortunate to have a big enough talent pool who could demonstrate a range of postures from Samasthiti to Chakorasana.

      Thanks for your kind words!

  • […] the goal, but in ‘embracing’ this person that I see, warts and all, without judgement. Embracing my shadows: easy to say, hard to put into practice. Good thing I have the rest of my life to keep […]

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