Screw The Rules

February 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

Well this is typical. I caught a cold two weeks ago, and the moment things start to improve, I pick up the pace of my life as if everything’s back to normal, when of course, they aren’t – not yet at least. Picking up the pace in this instance means agreeing to all social engagements, running errands, working in the garden and doing my full practice (Primary + 2nd up to Ustrasana + backbends) regardless. Pushing through – after all, I don’t have a fever and therefore should be able to practice right? Right. All this while also adjusting to the addition of a cat to our household (i.e., crazy o’clock mewing) and not giving myself the time to recollect and reintegrate after a couple of sessions of deep, energetic, cranio-sacral bodywork.

The result? A searing burn at the back of my throat that I somehow managed to ignore through a full-blown practice last week that then erupts into a mouth ulcer, splitting headache, achey neck and shoulders and double the amount of mucus from the first round. In other words, I went beyond my edge, energetically more than physically. Managing all this energetic stuff is still a challenge to figure out – I’m often torn between wanting to use my time ‘efficiently’ (and therefore run a packed schedule), and listening to what my body needs, simply because I am afraid (scarred, perhaps) that slowing the pace will take me down the road of complacency and laziness, a path of no return, from which only bad things can follow. Delusional, I know. But it’s there.

In this case though, I certainly brought it upon myself by going too far, too hard, too quickly. It is a painful lesson in the importance of listening to the body in deciding how far to go in the practice on any given day – in terms of asana and effort. And to do this in spite of the voices in my head that remind me about ‘the rules’ from ‘the Source’ (6 day/week practice, no cutting corners, bla bla bla). Screw the rules.


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§ 2 Responses to Screw The Rules

  • kalbe says:

    I know just what you mean, down to the mewing cat. Rest and get well soon, then start fresh. Practice will be waiting for you. If we are too run down to practice, it does us no good, energetically or otherwise. Take care of yourself.

  • mariavlong says:

    ow,ow,ow! I read This last night before my screen cut off time and could not wait to come back and wish you a full recovery. Notice I did not say a fast recovery because it occurred to me that maybe you need some slow instead of some fast. I hope you have things to sip or to apply that provide relief while you heal. Kristen is right, the practice will be there when you feel healthy and refreshed.

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