January 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

It turns out that an effective remedy for a cloud of Pissyness is to just get on the mat and practice. Even after four years of regular practice, this simple truth is so easy to forget. Not a bad thing I guess, as it leaves you with that feeling of discovery (or re-discovery) with each cycle. Seriously though, the jumping-twisting-bending routine this morning was definitely needed to counteract the (full moon?) Pissyness energy from yesterday. Took savasana for a full 15 minutes during which time I actually ‘went under’, in the crano-sacral sense. A reset for the nervous system that was sorely needed.

Hopefully this means I’ll be a better human being for the rest of the week – at least until the descent of the next Pissyness cloud.


In other news – I realize I never really tied up the details of the wrist chronicles I droned on about last year. Simply put – it was the collapsing of my left shoulder in chaturanga that was the problem, as well as going too low in that pose (ie, the elbows flex at <90 degrees). Combined in the many chaturangas we do over an average Ashtanga practice and the stress on my wrist was too much to bear. So I’ve been diligently working on a low-but-not-too-low Chaturanga that features a tight core (uddiyana bandha) and lifted sternum with the shoulders rolled back. I actually took an additional breath in this vinyasa for a few practices so as to get all these elements working together and for now it seems to be working just fine. No wrist pain and no whinging. And there you have it – sometimes it’s the most basic of postures done without presence of mind that’s the source of our nastiest injuries.


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