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This week is, apparently, the week for mega-pissyness that worsens as the week progresses. It’s partly interesting to observe, simply because this week’s temperament is in sharp contrast to last week’s cloud of joy, endorphins and all-round feel-good vibes. Everything went great last week – with the exception of having the husband spend the week in the hell that is Vegas – each practice was amazing, leaving me wanting more and excited to get back on the mat the next morning.

This week: there is lethargy, fussiness and a resurgence of the not-so-dormant resentment towards the crazy environment that is Silicon Valley, with its culture of arrogance, entitlement, and the general lack of taste – in clothings, in art, in design, in everything. This is ground zero for geeks, and the geekier you are – no EQ, no dress sense, zero social etiquette, ability to drone on and on about obscure algorithms/technologies – the ‘cooler’ you are. Especially if you work for the giant behemoth that starts with ‘G’ and ends with ‘E’ and sounds like a burp. The arrogance weighs so heavily you can cut it with a knife and won’t get through it. As someone who does not work in tech (well I used to – writing press releases about the technology that goes into a microchip isn’t my idea of fun), nor has any interest to do so, being surrounded by a culture of geeks is tolerable at best, downright agonizing at its worst. This is why I keep reminding myself about the beautiful climate and the access to quality produce we have here. Because otherwise it gets pretty fucking depressing to be surrounded by hordes of hoodie-jeans-uniformed geeks.

There are many reasons for the disparity in my emotional state between last week and now: my hormonal/menstrual cycle, the weather, the planets, the diet (more wheat??), the amount of wine I’ve had, the state of my body, the conversations I’m having….who the hell knows. Or cares? The only thing I’m sure of is that my mind is as fickle as hell, as wonderfully unpredictable as the weather in Melbourne. Who knows, tomorrow may mark the end of Pissy Week. Or its spirit may fight to live on another day. Regardless, perhaps it’s time to change my mantra: FOOD! WEATHER! YAY SILICON VALLEY! OM!


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