December 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

Getting a new pose.



Home ownership.

Fame and Fortune.

Building your ‘personal brand’.


Climbing the corporate ladder.

Being the life of the party.

Getting 4,097,762 followers on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc.


Scoring Black Friday deals.

Scoring Cyber Monday deals.

Telling everyone you’re “giving” on Giving Tuesday (WTF is this?!).



(I also want to add ‘pregnancy’ and ‘motherhood’ to this list but while it’s over-rated to me, it probably isn’t for the 99 percent of women out there of a child-bearing age, especially those who are desperately trying).

You know what’s under-rated? Holding your tongue in check. Thinking before acting. Listening instead of interrupting. Realizing that not everything’s about ‘me me me’ all the time. Observing instead of acting. Shutting up.





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