Wrist // Industrial Food Machine

August 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

You guys. Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement at the PMS-ridden, self-pitying post about my cranky wrist. I am happy to report that the swelling and mild bruising visible earlier in the week seems to have dissipated although pressing down on the palm isn’t completely possible yet. That movement creates a dull pain at the very spot where the swelling was, and feels like a cross between reawakening a stiff muscle and a “Ow-I’m-not-quite-ready-for-this” twinge. Having ladies’ holiday is the perfect excuse to give the body a break, however I’m also trying not to baby this pain too much. Yesterday I decided that 3 full days of wearing a wrist splint was enough and proceeded to spend 3 hours unpacking boxes and organizing the kitchen while paying attention to the left wrist’s range of motion and what sort of weight it would bear. An exercise in mindfulness for sure.


My day began with watching an excerpt from this film, discovered courtesy of the AY:A2 Facebook page:

It got me thinking again – more accurately, brooding – on the very very sad state of the modern world’s relationship to food. It’s not just about the question of why we chose to domesticate and eat some animals over others, or even about the ethics of a particular diet. It’s the senseless, blind, economically-driven motive where price and convenience trumps other factors like nutrition, environmental considerations and a humane treatment of what ends up on your dinner table. It may appear ironic for someone who eats meat to be talking about a ‘humane treatment’ of said meat, but if meat-eaters do not change their behavior in relation to how their meat is produced, this madness won’t stop. Or maybe it’s way too late and too large to stop. I will never forget the first time I stepped into Costco and saw the scale of their meat section. Ribs, chops, steaks and all the chickens you can eat at “affordable” prices. It made me realize that no matter how many people flock to farmers’ markets and participate in meat-buying clubs with local farmers, the industrial food production machine is way ahead of the game and will probably have the last word on food.

Am I being too pessimistic?


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§ 2 Responses to Wrist // Industrial Food Machine

  • mariavlong says:

    Is that from Samsara? That was the last time I bought eggs from the supermarket shelf. Now I buy 6 dollar for a dozen eggs from a farm nearby. It does not solve anything, but I just can’t. I am mostly pescatarian these days but I do not know what to do now that Fukushima spews 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean.

    • D says:

      Yes it is! Had not heard of the film before but am now dying to watch it. I am the same as you with the $6/dozen eggs from a local farmer. The radiation from Fukushima goes into the same category as the after effects of oil spills, and now, unregulated fracking off the CA coast that we’re starting to learn about.

      When it comes to food it seems to be more about ‘when do we find out about (contaminant, side effects, pollution, etc)’ rather than whether or not it happens.

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