Keep The Faith

May 31, 2013 § 4 Comments

We officially became home-owners at 1:31pm PT today. Thanks for your wishes of support both on and off the blog, and for bearing with the dearth of yoga-related posts recently. To be honest, we fell into this rabbit hole by accident, with an innocent query about owning the apartment we currently live in. One thing led to the next and before we knew it we were full-on house-hunters. The whole process took about 10 weeks from start to finish. A 10-week marathon with its own ups and downs, littered with many moments of doubt and pessimism about our chances.

In retrospect, the essence of my yoga practice in the past month was to learn to apply Sutra 1.12 to daily life. Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tat nirodhah. Non-attachment to the fruit of one’s efforts. I encountered the full force of my attachment to outcomes, to wanting to succeed at each bid we made after putting in the time and energy into researching and visualizing our lives in each house. I realized how much further I still have to go in translating this to real life. It’s one thing not to be attached to how my asana practice looks on a given day. It’s another to not be distracted by the uncertainty of whether your offer was accepted. If I had to give myself a score on that count, I’d probably come in as a B-, or even a C. Thank goodness life is not over yet and I get another chance, with another set of uncertainties. Hopefully my memory will serve to remind me that anything is possible once I put my mind and energy to each endeavor. I squirm at the cliche, but based on some of the biggest joys I’ve encountered in recent years, this seems to be holding true.

Time for a Negroni!


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§ 4 Responses to Keep The Faith

  • grimmly says:

    Missed this one, congratulations both of you on becoming home-owners, hope it has a nice kitchen ( and space for practice). Never planned on owning my own place but recently found out that old machia ( traditional town houses) in Japan can be picked up for next to nothing (relatively speaking) when we move back….quite excited by the idea.

    • D says:

      Thanks! We didn’t plan on buying a place, sort of stumbled into the whole thing after some innocent querying about whether we’d qualify for a mortgage and stuff like that. Never thought I’d own a place either, but never say never, obviously. It’s still one of the best investments for your money, despite where the global economy is headed these days. Kitchen is straight out of the 50s (i.e., not my taste), but functional, and we have a 3rd room that will be practice and part-time guest room. Very exciting.

      Are you seriously considering moving to Japan? That’s so cool, I love that country!!

      • grimmly says:

        Yes, Wife is Japanese, we met at university in UK then I went to join her out there for a number of years after her studies. Been wanting to go back but put it off while the Chinchilla was still with us. Hopefully, next year sometime.

  • D says:

    SO COOL. I hope it happens for you both 🙂

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