Some Days

May 5, 2013 Comments Off on Some Days

There are some days when all you can do is to just let go and be overwhelmed by the desire to hit the reset button. To move someplace else. A place where you can be anonymous, cut off from everything and everyone that has come to define your life so far.

Some days a fresh start is so attractive. Being anonymous in a foreign land, with a blank slate of relationships, free of the baggage that’s accumulated in your current ones that have become too heavy, complex and baffling to deal with. Starting anew, with the insights into the mistakes that have been made, and to try not to repeat them.

Some days life shows you, tenderly, how that which brings you the most effulgent joy is also capable of laying on the deepest pains. Pain that makes you sit up and ask: why do I subject myself to this? Should I resist? Should I walk away?

Some days are characterized by the uncanny sense that you’re a specially chosen candidate for a life of endless disappointments. As if your destiny lies in learning how to deal with the underside of each relationship – the painful disappointments that they bring, the broken trust, the immense loneliness. Some days it is just too painful to bear.



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