Mind F*&k

April 26, 2013 § 3 Comments

If you’re looking for some of the most challenging situations to practice equanimity, try buying your first home in the craziest, hottest, most expensive property market in the US. We are about to put a bid on a place that fits all our criteria – it’s in our current neighborhood, it’s a house (as opposed to an apartment), it’s got lots of natural light and a beautiful yard. How do you shop for houses, do the legwork involved in evaluating its details and features while keeping the big picture in mind that you may not get it after all? How do you spend your days not thinking about all things property and mortgage-related, i.e., have a life? How do you not get swept up in dreams of how you will use the house: a meditation room, a photo studio, outdoor dinners….etc?



§ 3 Responses to Mind F*&k

  • globie says:

    You could do what I did, rent & live in the same house 25 years, then buy it

    • D says:

      We considered doing that for our current place but the landlord’s not interested. It’s a seller’s/landlord’s market here (and will continue to be for the forseeable future) so most folks aren’t interested in locking themselves into one contract for a long period of time when they could profit from rising rents. Besides we’d rather put our money into an actual plot of land. In the words of our agent: “At least when an earthquake happens you can still camp in your garden!”

      • globie says:

        I was lucky i got mine via the governments “Right to buy” scheme.The housing market is slow here, it’s hard to get a mortgage, though houses round here,close to London seem to sell fast enough. I’m glad I did it and now only have 4 years to go. Thankfully earthquakes don’t happen round here.

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