February 20, 2013 § 5 Comments

Lessons from on and off the mat:

  • Chanting I: a regular chanting schedule is proving to be the key that’s reorganizing my life and getting me out of bed at 5am with minimal fuss every day. If you know me and my love affair with sleep (see: the name of this blog), you’ll know how big a deal this is. It helps that I love chanting, and in turn, it helps me to get on the mat without fuss. Whatever works.
  • Chanting II: Lovely way to tune out annoying pop song vrttis and prime the mind for asana practice. Bonus: having certain lines, words and tunes linger for a calming soundtrack throughout the day.
  • Supta Kurmasana: Having short nails makes binding in this pose easier and less stressful.
  • Practice: A regular yoga practice will not turn life into all rainbows and unicorns. But it will give you the tools to recognize conditioned behavior, obstacles and all sorts of mind trickery for what they are, and to face them with courage.
  • Olfactory: The one sense that supercedes the Internet as a major obstacle in the practice. Unlike physical sensations of pain, I have yet to figure out a yogic approach to process my conditioned responses to the smells of musky yoga mats and rugs that need a good wash. Clean your mats people!!!!

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  • mariavlong says:

    I’ve only been unlucky twice in being assaulted by a neighboring funky mat smell. Kind of hard to forget. I wipe mine daily once I get home and give it a weekly bath as well. I see some people carrying a ziplock bag with antiseptic wipes (what I’d do if I could not go straight home) or some others have a spray bottle ( I’d use Mrs. Meyers basil room spray) and wipe their mat with their face towel, which is better than doing nothing till you get home.

    • D says:

      I sometimes feel bad for reacting, because I know I have a really sensitive nose, so I try not to be too prissy about it. At the same time, it’s kinda hard to maintain dristi on the breath when every inhale comes with a funk! I spent yesterday’s practice tossing and turning (in my head) about whether I should move my mat, whether I should just stick with the situation and accept it as my practice for the day. I ended up staying put because I didn’t want to appear rude, even though I really wanted to bail!

      Thanks for sharing what goes on with your shala. Wipes in a ziploc bag are a great idea!

  • kristen says:

    Been digging the chanting too, of late. Nice to hear how things are going. As for funky mats – that is one benefit, I suppose, to practicing at home alone. Ha!

  • evahowe says:

    Alex and I have been going to chanting here and I really like it. It is oddly the one thing that Walter will sit through reliably without fussing. He even shouts “yeah!” at the end of each chant which is his way of saying, “I like that, more please!”

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