September 10, 2012 § 8 Comments

Happened yesterday, by way of an accidental Kapotasana.

A few weeks ago, I received Matthew Sweeney’s Vinyasa Krama book in the mail and, like all yoga books, set out to devour it as quickly as possible. His detailed introduction, featuring sections on jumpbacks, jumpthroughs and backbending, got me excited about trying new ways to prep the back for dropbacks. One of these methods is to kneel and hang back, because the floor is alot closer to you when you’re on your knees than when you’re standing. I did it a couple of times at one practice, which was useful in helping me get used to the sensation of ‘dropping’. This happened before a one-week trip to France. Came back last week, set myself up to do the ‘prep’ pose again, only this time, our teacher, B, came by to help. As I leaned back, I felt her fingertips on my thoracic spine, telling me to “lean over” her finger. So I did. I leaned. And leaned some more until my head and palms touched the ground.

“wow, it actually is easier when I’m on my knees!!”

“Walk your hands in”, she instructed. I did, and suddenly my fingers felt something.

“Oh, those are MY TOES!!”, a split-second realization before having my hands pulled even further up to my ankles.

“Wow, am I actually in Kapotasana? This is a really deep backbend prep. B really knows what she’s doing,” I thought to myself.

After five breaths, she helps me up and gives me tips on engaging the bandhas and using the thighs. I’m about to do Paschimottanasana when she says,

Let’s do the next pose – do your vinyasa and come to sitting”

That’s when the penny hits.

“You know I’m not doing second yet, right? I was just prepping for my backbends!”

“OH!” and then, laughter. “Well, we have to catch you up then, since you’ve already done the hardest pose!”

And that, my friends, is how Pasasana came to be a part of my practice routine. After attempting it for two days in a row, I kinda want to give it back. How anyone ever finds balance while squatting and twisting is beyond me. And try doing backbends after a Pasasana attempt when your thighs are burning. Eeep! While my coolie genes do help somewhat with the squatting, the upper body doesn’t seem to know how to orient itself in this asana.

Yet another puzzle to figure out, and another book to add to the library collection.


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