April 26, 2012 § 10 Comments

First practice of the S+S Encinitas leg today. Ladies Holiday decided to arrive on Tuesday and it was all I could do to take yesterday off, with Nancy Gilgoff’s refrain about women and LH and all that running at the back of my mind.

So. The practice. A little nervous before, not sure what to expect, despite everything I’ve heard. The slow and steady count. The fog of steam in the room. The energy. Still, it’s all empty words until you’re there to experience it for yourself. I find it hard to articulate my thoughts about the whole session beyond the superficial: “it was good” “it was steady” “he made jokes in Navasana”, etc. So I won’t. All I will say is that this was the first led Primary class that I actually enjoyed, and it wasn’t because of the many black and white images of Guruji on the wall, or the ornamented altar or the incense or Sharath’s and Saraswati’s presence in the room, but an amalgamation of all of that, and then some. I did not get adjusted once, neither did I bind in Supta Kurmasana or stay up for the full count in headstand, but it doesn’t matter does it? I was just happy to be there. A good practice is not measured by the number of adjustments received or the attainment of a pose. It is about whether you’re able to get into a mental space where nothing matters but the breath and the extent to which you are able to stay there. The nervousness faded away after the first Om, replaced by an exuberant energy and gratitude for being there, for the practice, for this system called Ashtanga. Quite similar to what I experienced at Nancy’s led.

Back to it tomorrow. Can’t wait and can’t get enough.


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