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(This is a rewrite of a post that WordPress sucked up and never gave back, so please forgive the abrupt tone. So much for the encouragement to “Just Write”.)

I’ve been to see an osteopath, who told me that my pelvis is (was?) tilted in a way that bunched up all the muscles on my right side, making the right leg shorter than the left. Now I know why it seems easier to grab my toes on my right leg compared to the left, and why the right heel takes a few more Surya Namaskars to rest on the ground. She did 1.5 hours of osteopathic manipulation around the hips, pelvis, ankles, lower back, shoulders, ending with a good yank of the right leg. It’s been almost three weeks now and the horrible soreness in the right QL that’s been bugging me for months is gone. Just like that. My shoulders are still super tense but they don’t give me headaches like before. Apparently the muscles around the sacrum were spasming, which caused the pain and the sensation I wrote about in a previous post of how there’s a deep knot that’s wrapped itself around I wouldn’t say that backbending is pain-free now, but it’s significantly less painful. I still compress my lower back when dropping back – which I’m attributing to a lack of core and quad strength – but UDs from the floor don’t make me wince in pain any more. I’ll take whatever I can get.

I’ve started to go for Zen meditation sessions at a center near my home, twice and counting. 40 minutes the first time, and 30 minutes at lunch today. Hoping to turn the lunchtime sessions into a regular occurrence. An interesting pattern I’m noticing, post-sitting, is my tendency to flare up over seemingly trivial subjects. Not immediately of course, but a couple of hours after sitting, like what happened a few minutes before I started writing this paragraph, when I had a post ready to publish only to realize that WordPress didn’t have the full draft, despite my many clicks on the “save” button. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, so here are my theories: (1) the sitting is making me more aware of what gets my goat, and I’m noticing reactions that would have usually passed unnoticed, (2) the sitting is churning up unsettled emotions that surface as anger, looking for unsuspecting, trivial targets as an opportunity for venting, or (3) there’s no correlation at all, and I’m infusing meaning where there’s none to be had. It’s still early days in this sitting practice for me so I will have to give it more time to test these theories out and deal with the discomfort of not knowing in the meantime.

Really looking forward to a Tim Miller weekend in our studio next month, and today I learnt about Sharath and Saraswati’s tours to Encinitas in April! Two workshops in as many months, we’ll have to see what my banker (the husband) thinks of that. Still, I missed the S & S world tour when they swung by last year and would loathe to miss it again.


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