Connect The Dots

January 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

My relationship with the practice has certainly changed in the past couple of months. I feel less inclined to want to talk about it, dissect it, (over) analyze every little tweak and pop. And yet the reflection never stops, especially in the few hours immediately after practice, lots of insights and ideas swirling around, some of which are worth sharing, some, not. This practice is, after all, highly personal, so it’s a real skill to be able to talk about it without talking about it, you know? Here are a couple of links to the type of Ashtanga yoga writing that I’m talking about, and which resonate with me at this stage of my yoga journey. Hope you like them.

  • Leaping Lanka: Continuing the “To go/Not to go” debate about Mysore.
  • Ashtanga and Other Things:  On hitting a plateau in the practice and a discussion about The Despairing Ashtangi phenomenon.
  • Dirgha Kala: Facing discomfort with equanimity in India.

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