Ground Zero of Emotions

January 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Is it possible for one’s psyche to sink its roots into one area of the body? Because that’s what it feels like with my right hip. Recent downward dogs have generated sensations best described as the joint/nerve equivalent of saying “Ahhhh……I really needed that”. As the practice progresses and I think I’ve given my muscle fibers a good stretch, I get to Padmasana only to realize that the tightness in the right hip has never left. The undercurrent of tension, manifest as a clenching of the sitbone is most apparent in this pose. I sit, focused on the tip of my nose to see the marked difference between the left and the right. On the left is softness, openness, calm. On the right is a grasping fear, one that has apparently been around for long enough that it doesn’t know how to let go, no matter how many breaths I take or instructions I send to the area. It’s amusing and fascinating to observe, and my intellectual mind, as usual, starts to wander, and ask: “What am I keeping there? Why the difference between left and right?” Seeking, as always, for a connection to something big and traumatic in my past that I have to let go of, when perhaps the simplest explanation would suffice: too much driving.

Who knows?


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