Media Vrittis

December 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Finally had some time this week to catch up with the yoga blogosphere, and it got me thinking about how the process of blogging deepens and polarizes our beliefs. That is, if you’re of a more ‘conservative’ bent, writing posts critiquing the latest yoga “scandals” and “controversies” will only accentuate that tendency. This, in turn, prompts your readers to take sides, further polarizing yogis between the “Ashtanga police” and the “Ashtanga liberals” (loosely defined as those who don’t really see a need to kick up a hooha about every perceived slight on the grand and glorious name of Ashtanga yoga, i.e., me).

I believe that there are benefits to blogging and sharing one’s experience with the yoga practice, and I thoroughly enjoy reading what the yoga blogosphere has to share. But there is a point, I’m starting to see, when blogging about yoga stops being constructive and community-building, and starts becoming self-righteous and dogmatic about how things “should” or “shouldn’t” be done. We all know that the NYT article isn’t an accurate reflection of Ashtanga. We all know that naked yoga is hardly what Guruji had in mind when he brought Ashtanga to the West. We all know that lululemon isn’t a philanthropic organization, making yoga clothes out of a pure passion and love for yoga. Does blogging our disapproval about these ‘scandals’ do anything constructive except to aggravate the tranquility we’ve worked so hard to cultivate at practice? You decide.

To me these “controversies” are just part and parcel of the media circus, and engaging and responding to them is playing into the media game. Better to view them as little vrittis that suck our energies away from maintaining driste on what really makes a difference: the practice.


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