David Roche: Day 1

October 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

I’m going to try to write a bit about my practices with David while he’s here with us on a one-month intensive. Not only will this force me to blog everyday, but it will also keep up the pace, practice-wise.

After LH, today was my first practice back at the shala. As with all practices in the post-LH period, it was wonderful – strong, light and flexible. If only my body could always be like this. Didn’t get any adjustments until UHP – he made me do the full pose, i.e., fold forward in UHP A, which sure got the pulse rate up! And then I was left alone for the rest of the practice until Mari C on the second side where he pushed the arms so that I could grab the wrist.

Did all the vinyasas between sides, even if I didn’t plan on doing it when I started, and got the usual Supta K adjustment from Ms A where she pushes my elbows together so that I bind (my fingertips are touching but not enough to grab), then crosses my legs and lifts them up for five breaths, I put my hands down then lift up and jump back. The rest of Primary flowed easily, beached once in Garbha P, but used the breath to get me up and back to rock into Kukkutasana.

Did five gloriously open and light UDs today, and the back felt open enough so I proceeded to hangback. Did two on my own before David appears at the top of the mat and goes “Keep going, you’re doing fine!”. So I hang back again, he tells me to bring my sacrum back, constantly tapping on it to remind me to “keep lifting keep lifting”. At this point I feel like I’m in a Pilates class where the instructor is telling me to stretch and stand tall when I already feel like I’m at my limit!

So I hang back and “keep lifting” the sacrum and drop back (assisted of course), walk hands in, inhale and come up. Do another one, walk hands in, inhale and come up. By this point I’m starting to be short of breath, but I know that there’s one more to go, the last one and so I go for it. I drop back as usual, and am told to keep walking my hands in (here my mind is going: “WTF?!”) and then he says to press on the outside edges of my feet while walking my hands in (cue more mental ‘WTFs’ here).

At this point, I am trying to continue walking my hands in while bringing awareness to the outside edges of my feet as David places his hand on my sacrum to lift and pull it towards the front, so my body feels like I’m being pulled in two different directions. Oh, and I have to breathe too.

It was intense, to put it mildly. So intense that when I came up he kept me standing for about five breaths to calm the breath down where I half-expected myself to burst into tears.

Gosh, now I miss my teachers who go easy on me. David just pushes you over the edge! Exhilarating and frightening all at once.


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