Clarification, Dropback, Dream

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

After Nobel’s comment to my last post, I thought it would be helpful to follow-up with a clarification about the intent behind sharing that link. It was not meant, in any way, to remind you of the precarious financial situation that you may currently be facing. It was not meant, either, to convey a smugness of financial prosperity and bliss on my part. It was shared in the hopes of providing some perspective – that, regardless of how wonderful or crappy your life may seem right now, there’s always someone else doing better or worse than you. If anyone felt offended by the post, I’m sorry, and I hope that this paragraph clarifies and appeases. If it doesn’t, oh well.


Dropback practice today was assisted. I had a painful spot on the Quadratus Lomborum on my right side which didn’t dissipate after the first couple of Urdhva Dhanurasanas, like they usually do. This soreness-bordering-on-pain has been around for the past couple of months, after the weird achyness in my mid-back went away. It’s usually tender at the start of practice, vanishes by Supta Kurmasana, and returns after dropbacks. There are some days when it appears in the first couple of UDs, but dissipates by the time I’m onto my third or fourth UD. It’s like a barometer of how much to push, and today Ms A let me get away with assisted hangbacks and a suggestion for a massage or tennis-ball time. I also did a castor oil bath after practice to alleviate the pain so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks Bindi for your tips on dropping back – I’ll definitely keep you posted on that front.


This update is a few days old, but I wanted to record it on this blog for future entertainment. A couple of nights ago I had my first yoga dream. Nothing too grand or fancy and I don’t recall alot of details now except for the part where I’m doing Kapotasana. !!!!!!

Yes indeed. I was a seasoned Kapotasana practitioner in the dream, very relaxed and flexibly grabbing onto my toes with some assistance from my teacher. There was a sense of openness on the front of the body and a lightness too. I remember thinking (in the dream) that this is the same sensation I get when dropping back. Perhaps my body’s storing muscle memory to draw on if and when I eventually get to that stage. An incentive to keep on keeping on with this practice!


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