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A discussion with Ms A this morning about whether to proceed with assisted hangbacks or leaving it for Sunday’s practice required me to reveal that I wouldn’t be around on Sunday because of an antique fair.

{Cue awkward pause}

She then shared how her experiences in India showed her the importance of appreciating other facets of our life that bring us joy, outside of the yoga practice. How polite! I must say I feel a little embarrassed to be admitting that I’m skipping practice to shop for vintage cutlery, napkins and tarnished enamelware, but…it is what it is. And this fair only happens once a month! So there.

Nothing much to report on the practice front. Discovered this week that the more Urdhva Dhanurasanas I do before hanging back, the deeper I can go, as measured by the area that my mat occupies my vision – currently it’s about a quarter on my deepest hangbacks.

Am also very close to doing a full headstand close to, but not touching the wall. It’s the last couple of inches in straightening my legs that I need to overcome. This is one pose where I’m really pushing my mental limits and facing a big chunk of fear. I’ve been pushing that frontier bit by bit with every practice, and it’s no small feat that I’m now working on getting up without the wall. But there’s still work to be done. The fear isn’t as intense as it was over a year ago when I started learning the pose, but it’s definitely there.

Another frontier I’m dealing with in the practice is the lovely Garbha Pindasana. Or, the beached whale pose. I’m still ending up on my side halfway through the attempted rotation, at which point now I just take my hands out to use as swivels and rock up into Uthpluthi. It’s lame, but better than struggling like a beetle on its back.

Busy weekend ahead, and I’m procrastinating on other pressing items by writing this post.


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