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Sometime between Tuesday and today the shala turned into a sauna. I arrived later than usual and so had to lay down my mat closer to the entrance, which is usually the finishing area. There was absolutely no ventilation there and so when a spot freed up in the middle of the room, where I usually practice, I headed for it, expecting some relief, but none was to be found!! It was the same still, oppressive heat generated by over 20 bodies in the midst of their individual Tapas fests. I can usually expect to feel a cool draft from time to time throughout my practice, but today there was none. To make matters worse, the guy next to me had a stinky Mysore rug, further aggravating the less than 100% stomach bloat/nausea/whatever I woke up with today. It was a quick practice – I called it quits at Navasana, did 3 UDs and spent a long time in the finishing poses to recuperate. Added a bit of viloma pranayama too while sitting in Padmasana and let myself sink into a long, delicious Savasana. The upside of all that heat was the sense of clarity and energy that popped up when I walked out into the cool morning air. The stomach is still feeling fragile though.

The sore and tender area in my lower right back (the SI joint perhaps?) needs some TLC so I’m glad that Rolfing session #2 happening later today.


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