July 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

There are some days when I really surprise myself, like somersaulting from Prasarita Paddotanasana A yesterday, as impossible as it sounds. My hips felt really open and flexible as I entered the pose, and the floor looked closer than ever so I stretched…stretched some more, and the next thing I knew I was on my butt on my husband’s mat. Good thing he was next to me so I didn’t end up scaring a stranger, but no less embarrassing. Perfect example of a new asana I like to call: “The Floor Is Further Away Than You Thinkasana”, the Prasarita Variation.

Other than that little blip practice proceeded slowly, without hiccups. It was a real pain to get on the mat yesterday because I was feeling super tired, with LH round the corner, but I fought it and took it easy. It taught me the value of going slow and staying with the breath over this period, sustaining my stamina by reducing vinyasas between sides. It worked well. I had plans to only do a half-Primary, but Navasana came and went and I still felt ok, so onwards it was. Had a good assisted bind in Supta K and tried to push up from the floor while bound with no luck. Beached twice in Garbha Pindasana and had a pop in my right hamstring in Upavista Konasana, followed by a sharp pain. It worried me a little but apart from a residual soreness in the area and in the right hip, there’s no pain today. I’ve had a knot deep in my right hip for the past week or so which seems to have dissipated a little, could have had something to do with the hamstring pop.

Managed to have enough energy for 3 assisted hangbacks and 1 dropback. D, the assistant who surprised me with dropbacks last week helped me again, letting me go deeper this time with the first few hangbacks. The legs and hips are slowly but surely getting a hang of what they’re supposed to do here. I’m surprised by how much I curve back when assisted – I could see my mat during the assists but not when hanging back on my own. Got a little nervous about reaching my hands to the floor in the last hangback, but after watching David’s and Kino’s videos, I surrendered to gravity, trusted in the strength of the arms and successfully landed without bonking my head. A pretty good practice overall considering the reluctance I started with, somersaults notwithstanding 😉


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