July 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

Happened today.

It started innocently enough, as I did the hand-walking down the back of my legs after backbends. It was only the third time since Ms A assigned this exercise. After seeing me do a couple of them, D the assistant came up and asked “You’re doing dropbacks now?”. I explained. “Ok”, he nodded thoughtfully, before proceeding to give me tips on keeping my legs firm and stretching the arms for a bigger reach. He supported me as I did two, five breaths each, and thought that was enough for the day. Obviously I was wrong.

The next step was to cross my arms over the chest and lean back, and I went so much lower than I expected! We did two of those and then I had to stretch out my arms for the last one. “You’re now in a backbend,” he said in an encouraging tone, and I just had to laugh, out of nervousness because I knew that what comes down needs to come back up! It was ‘inhale, exhale’, rock up, and finally, “Ok, now you’re done” as my neighboring yogis chuckled.

Got a good strong squish in Paschimottanasana, which is exactly what my sacrum needed. I still can’t quite believe that I did a dropback today, for the first time ever, even if it was an assisted one. What made it easy I guess, is that I didn’t see it coming until it was too late. Now the trick will be to repeat this for future practices without the hesitation that comes with new poses, and to really discover what it feels like to (1) ground my feet, (2) activate the bandhas and (3) create space in the pelvis/sacrum to avoid compressing the lower back.

Fun times.


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§ 3 Responses to Dropbacks

  • globie says:

    Well done on the dropback.

    Yes, its best when they don’t tell you its dropback time.When it happened to me I had done my 3 x Urdva Dhanurasana and was happily hanging out in Paschimottanasana when I saw this waving hand and got told to stand up. No time to be scared, just did it with her, mind you it took me another 9 months to do one on my own.

    • D says:

      9 months of daily practice? That sounds like a decent pace. I’m already sore from the first couple of tries, I fail to see how I can do this everyday – let alone for 9 months!

  • Ivana says:

    oh, i love a good squish in paschimottanasana 😉 congrats on your dropbacks ~ ivana

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