Pre-Dropbacks, Family Yoga, Headstand

June 28, 2011 § 5 Comments

Practice today was good and I re-introduced the vinyasas between sides, after being pushed to my limits over the weekend. Again, I was keeping David’s analogy in mind – of letting the breath do me, instead of trying to control the breath. It wasn’t too bad overall. I just need to continue doing it 😉

After my 3 backbends, Ms A came over and started preparing me for dropbacks, getting me to rest my hands on the hips, ground the feet, activate uddiyana bandha and arch back.


I’m not quite sure what to think of this next step, really. Part of me wants to move on, yet another part is pretty comfortable where I am, I still have loads to work on in every single pose. But I’m also seeing how these dropback preps are going to help my backbends as well. The grounding of the base of the big toe and the internal rotation of the thighs have been missing from my backbends, so being forced to develop an awareness of them can only help.

Tried Sirsasana twice today. Didn’t last long in the first attempt, but the second attempt was much better, more stable, with just one touch against the wall (usually it’s 3 or 4) before staying put on my own. I’m starting to see that there’s a moment when the pose ‘clicks’ into place for me when I consciously focus on my hips and activate uddiyana bandha. It’s that mysterious ‘lock’ that snaps this pose into place and keeps me from swaying back and forth. Of course, now that the swaying seems to be stopping, my mind comes into play wondering when I’m going to fall. Sigh.

It was apparently Family Day that our shala this morning. A couple brought their young baby (probably 3 or 4 months old) and set him between their mats as they practiced. He’s an adorable kid and it was sweet to see the dad balancing his practice with keeping his son entertained. At one point, he was kissing the baby’s face each time he did chaturanga. I wasn’t too far from them so it was a little distracting, but I can’t imagine how disruptive it must be for their practices. I was also wondering what Guruji would have thought about practitioners bringing in a little baby with them for Mysore practice. It’s none of my business I know, but I feel like there’s a time and place for everything. The time for yoga practice is a time to leave other parts of your life behind and spend time with the self. As I did my closing postures, an older couple across from me were holding hands in savasana. Yup, family day alright. Now I just need my husband to catch up with me in the Primary series so that we can finish at the same time and do the same!

(Just kidding).


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§ 5 Responses to Pre-Dropbacks, Family Yoga, Headstand

  • YYogini says:

    Congrats on your progress! Sounds like you’re moving right along!

  • Cory says:

    aiyo. i live with the disruptions all the time.

    “mommy, i have a nightmare!”

    “mommy, can i use your toilet?”

    “mommy, something’s in my nose!”

    it goes on. 🙂

    congrats on the progress btw!

  • Reading between the lines of the Guruji book it seems like kids were around the old shala often. Stories of Sharath running around, and the Darby’s practicing there after the birth of their first. Ashtanga is a householders practice, its not something that people should have to drop their life to do, and ideally a whole family should be involved.

    Nancy Gilgoff says she thinks its important for kids to be at shalas as people should learn to be able to practice even with distractions, and ashtanga should be accessable to the world not demand the world change to meet it….or something to that effect…..

    You are right that as a parent the practice can be less focused and inward when my 5 year old rolls her mat out with me, BUT a daily practice would be impossible if she was not integrated and accommodated into my ashtanga practice. Every practice is not the awesome practice, but it has to happen everyday, awesome or not.

    Personally I applaud your teacher…. use it as an opportunity to work on your driste, dharana, and pratyahara ! ( :

    • D says:

      Yes I see your point and agree that it’s an opportunity to practice driste. On a second reading, I see that I may have come across as judgemental in my post which is not my intention at all. I was just putting myself in their shoes – if I had a kid I would be happy for the opportunity to step away to do my practice, without kid in tow, but I also recognize that this is a personal choice and everyone is different. Interesting that you brought up the Darby story, I’m at that essay in the book right now.

  • D says:

    @yyogini, @cory, thanks!

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