April 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

That’s the number of breaths I could muster in a headstand today. Of course, I still rely on the wall for going up, but this is the longest I’ve held the asana without playing “one-two” with my feet against the wall, every breath a surprise, a certain element of wonder, thinking “wow is this really happening?” by which time my shoulders start to groan, the core wobbles and I fall back down.

Seven. A small number, but a pretty nice start I should say.

Practice today was creaky, as is to be expected for the first practice after LH, but generally good. The usual stiffness in the hamstrings, and now my back, from all those hours spent in front of the computer screen – the big black hole of the 21st century. I’ve started to notice how this thing called the Internet really sucks us in if you’re not careful. From one blog to the next, before you know it a few hours have gone, and what do you have to show for it?

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and insights about India in the previous post. The prospect of making a trip to Mysore, or Goa, or some ashram in India both thrills and scares me, which is what life is about isn’t it? A trip like that doesn’t look possible this year as we have my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday in December. In France. Considering that’s halfway to India (from the US), perhaps impossibility is just a frame of mind? I dare not answer that question, because of what it would require of me: a full, 110% commitment. Perhaps, to use Globie’s visual, the seed is just starting to take hold, and the opportunity to travel to ‘the source’ will present itself when the time is right.

The more likely realities for 2011 are to attend Dena and Jack’s week-long intensive in July and/or a couple of sessions at Tim Miller’s shala in Encinitas. Either (or both) of these will keep me plenty busy for the year I would think.


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  • YYogini says:

    7 breaths is just great… headstand is one of those poses you shouldn’t push too far. Either of those workshops sounds great! I think you’ll have a wonderful summer!

    • globie says:

      Dena and Jack are great, do make sure you go if you can. I have tried to practice with Dena every year since 2002 when I first met her.Dena is the teacher I referred to about Mysore in my comments on your previous post.

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