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January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Coming off an unusually long holiday period courtesy of two friends from Singapore. Managed to squeeze in a couple of practices last week despite the moon day, but pre-LH cramps during practice led me to believe that the floodgates had opened on Thursday. Half-Primary practice as a result, only to discover that it was a false alarm. All the same, I decided to go off the practice for Friday, LH finally arrived on Monday which means no practice until tomorrow at least, depending on how things flow. I tend to take the whole week off on LH. I went back once on my fourth day and was shocked to see how the practice actually stopped blood flow to almost nothing. Not a good sign, right? All the same, tomorrow would be a week to the day that I haven’t practiced and the longer I wait, the more my body tenses up. But I don’t want to shock my system. Ahhhhhhh, a lady’s dilemma!

Having guests from back home was an interesting experience. I’ve known these two for 13 years now, having gone to university with them, seen them hook up then get engaged and finally, married. They’re living the kind of life that I imagine I would be living too if we had stayed on in Singapore – lots of family time, 60-hour work weeks and no qualms about dumping an inordinate amount of money for that designer bag/shoe/dress. I looked at how C shopped the entire time she was here, and was quite simply, shocked. The way she was drawn to ‘browse’ any retail space (yes, even those in an aquarium) whenever she had some time to spare, her obsession with printing out discount coupons, constantly calculating how much she was saving compared with the prices back home, her urgings to me to get this or that and that, simply because ‘It’s Cheap’… It’s a mindset and mentality from which I am so far removed that the embers of irritation started to flare up more quickly as the days went by. I saw myself getting annoyed at having to go back to Macy’s to exchange this/that or to get some branded item that’s so much cheaper than back home. I rolled my eyes whenever she exclaimed the dollar amount she was saving for herself/her mother/sister/friend, and especially when she started listing all the brands she was on the lookout for. It was all too much materialism and capitalist consumption within 10 short days for this anti-establishment yogi-wannabe. Sure, I like my designer furniture, high quality yoga gear and 50% off sales as much as the next person. But to shop for shopping’s sake? Eeeeek!

I realize that with this rant I sound absolutely judgemental and am making a negative caricature out of C, which is unfair. What’s really stirring up these emotions is my lack of openness to how she finds fulfillment through spending, an approach that I disagree with. But who am I to judge? We’ve been friends for so long that the ease with which we get along, the memories and the laughter is all more valuable to me than her compulsive shopping tendencies. In the larger scheme of things, it’s the intangibles and the invisibles that are priceless, but often overlooked when glaring differences are made obvious.

In other news, planning to go back to the shala tomorrow. Wanted to go back today but the LH flow is still streaming along at a steady pace and I don’t want to rush things. Plus, cramps. Argh, how I hate being a woman sometimes.


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