January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Have been ruminating on my hopes for 2011 for a while now, but never got round to putting them down somewhere for posterity. I’m not big on resolutions….wait, make that “I DON’T BELIEVE in resolutions” because they’re arbitrary inflexible rules for living and place too much pressure to perform and fulfil them that they end up being counter-productive. For a rebellious soul like me anyway. Which is why I’m a fan of setting out goals and hopes in big, broad strokes, establishing a big picture frame for the year so that I can color it and fill it up with whatever life decides to throw my way in 2011.

My Picture Frame for 2011:

  1. Be Present
  2. Cultivate awareness and an appreciation for the Now, not the past or the future, but where I am, physically and emotionally, at any particular point in time. The hope is that this will teach me how to let go of my anxieties and a future-oriented mindset, and eventually, to slow down.

  3. Self-Love
  4. Being aware of how I think about myself and cultivating a patient, compassionate and kind attitude towards who I am. Not bringing myself down or berating myself about not having done better or achieved this or that, transcending the tendency towards negativity to see that these thoughts and attitudes all stem from insecurity and fear of failing, and dealing with the emotions directly.

  5. Think Less, Do More
  6. I have a tendency to build grand ideas about what I want to do, what ‘should’ be done and what ‘can’ be achieved, but almost always fail on the follow through. Good ideas are one thing, and execution is another beast altogether. I have a project that I want to start and grow this year, it has lots of potential for success and recognition (the site I’m trying to build), but I need to stop living in my head and actually take the steps to turn ideas into action.


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