Sweet, Sweet Asanas

December 11, 2009 § Leave a comment


Now you can have your asana and eat it too with these cute gingerbread cookies from Baked Ideas.


In other news, its raining and grey in the Bay Area today and the cold seems to have taken with it my motivation for practice. Missed the Led class at the shala so that The Husband could take the car to work to run a couple of errands. Took my time to wake up, prepared breakfast and sat to wait for the landlord to come by and check on the wiring and iffy gas heater. We’ve gone without central heating for a few months now and the main light in the bathroom doesn’t work either, but we’ve made do with electric heaters and a secondary bulb in the bathroom. I’d be fine with letting it pass for as long as we’re renting the place, but the rent is pretty exorbitant for the tiny space we live in, so it’s about time we stood up and got our money’s worth I say. It’s a cute house and all, but there is a fine line between “making do” with your situation and making your voice heard (reasonably, of course) to be fair to yourself. Is it too egotistical to think that we all “deserve” a certain level of service, quality of life or respect from others? How much is too much?


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