New Beginnings

December 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Recently got reacquainted with Ashtanga after many years off, not without a fair amount of trepidation regarding my stamina and ability to last through each session. My first Mysore session was such an epiphany, I was surprised that I had always avoided it, opting instead for the Led class where I constantly felt I was playing catch-up, both with the teacher and with my breath. For once, I actually left the shala feeling revived and not over-worked, despite the slightly achey muscles the next day. But it was a good, yoga-intense kind of ache.

I’ve been going back since, twice a week initially, and this week, everyday. Everyday!!! It wasn’t too long ago that the thought of waking up at 6am in the freezing cold to do yoga was such an incredulous idea, and now I’m doing it everyday?!

The upside is that my muscles ache less, sometimes not at all, after practice. The downside is the cold. But I guess increased flexibility and strength with a sense of tranquility makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

We’ll see if I can keep it up. I hope to. I want to.


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